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I’m tremen­dous­ly grate­ful for Fastlys sup­port of the Perl MetaCPAN search engine over the past ten years, but the for­mer’s page says they only start­ed serv­ing open source” for eight.
logos: Rust, Python, Ruby, Scratch, LF, ASF, curl

And I’m not sure how MetaCPAN is explic­it­ly part of this ini­tia­tive. I don’t see it mentioned.

6 thoughts on “MetaCPAN on Fastly — no Fastly on MetaCPAN?

  1. You’re right — and sor­ry for the omis­sion! (Still being rel­a­tive­ly new at Fastly, I def­i­nite­ly can still miss some things as I get up to speed.) Let me see if we can get that cor­rect­ed shortly.

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