Hi, I’m Mark Gard­ner, and this is my per­son­al blog. I help pro­fes­sion­al Perl devel­op­ers to engi­neer mod­ern, dis­ci­plined appli­ca­tions in the cloud so they can become experts that write easy-​to-​main­tain code with con­fi­dence, increase their rel­e­vance in the mar­ket and get the best posi­tions, high salaries, and work on inter­est­ing projects.

I also pub­lish pro­gram­ming arti­cles on Dev.to, DZone, Medium, and Perl.com. In April 2022 I had an arti­cle pub­lished in issue 287 of Linux Format magazine.

You can find my record­ed pre­sen­ta­tions on YouTube, as well as pair pro­gram­ming videos.

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