Better Perl: Subroutine Signatures and Type Validation

Blogging Outside Your Bubble

This start­ed as a light­ning talk giv­en at The Perl & Raku Conference in the Cloud 2021:

I turned it into a blog post for Perl devel­op­ers. Later I expand­ed it into an hour-​long webi­nar for a gen­er­al devel­op­er audi­ence, and then fur­ther expand­ed it into a work­shop at International Developer Career Day 2021.

Pair Programming: A Course Management System in Perl and Mojolicious

  • Series of sev­en Zoom video ses­sions with Gábor Szabó work­ing on a web appli­ca­tion for his train­ing business
  • Full infor­ma­tion, includ­ing videos and git code repos­i­to­ry, is on Gábor’s Perl Maven site