Better Perl: Subroutine Signatures and Type Validation

Blogging Outside Your Bubble

This started as a lightning talk given at The Perl & Raku Conference in the Cloud 2021:

I turned it into a blog post for Perl developers. Later I expanded it into an hour-​long webinar for a general developer audience, and then further expanded it into a workshop at International Developer Career Day 2021.

Pair Programming: A Course Management System in Perl and Mojolicious

  • Series of seven Zoom video sessions with Gábor Szabó working on a web application for his training business
  • Full information, including videos and git code repository, is on Gábor’s Perl Maven site

Don’t Fear map and grep

A lightning talk given at The Perl and Raku Conference 2022 in Houston, TX

Many beginning and intermediate Perl programmers don’t understand the map and grep functions and avoid them. But they’re the key to many solutions under the heading of list processing and once you become familiar, you’ll start to see lots of opportunities to use them. Let’s demystify these important functions!

This talk is based on a series of blog posts I wrote over the past year or so:

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