Here they are from tonight’s pre­sen­ta­tion, typo-​corrected and ready for review. Video to follow.

Animated slideshow of Better Perl: Subroutine Signatures and Type Validation
It seemed like the time just flew by…

The orig­i­nal arti­cle that inspired this pre­sen­ta­tion is here.

6 thoughts on “Better Perl: Subroutine Signatures and Type Validation presentation slides

  1. Thanks very much for this overview. I’m pin­ning it on my pinboard.

    I sug­gest chang­ing the title of this post to Better Perl with sub­rou­tine sig­na­tures and type val­i­da­tion”. That’s real­ly what the post is about. It will help peo­ple find your post bet­ter, and it makes it eas­i­er for folks when they book­mark it.

  2. In some con­ver­sa­tion on this top­ic, I dis­tinct­ly remem­ber typ­ing how I did­n’t think it was such a prob­lem not to have sig­na­tures, that it’s not that dif­fi­cult to keep things straight.

    Well, I’ve just spent a week­end work­ing on a project and sig­na­tures would have SURELY helped as I changed the api from pass­ing around bits and pieces to pass­ing around a sin­gle data structure.

    Can’t use string (“Pod::Parser”) as a HASH ref while strict refs” in use at bin/​pmdh-​modulate line 517.”

    :face-​palm :rotf

    • The good news is that with mod­ules like Type::Tiny and Params::ValidationCompiler you can intro­duce it grad­u­al­ly into your codebase.

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