Just gave a five-​minute light­ning talk about blog­ging at The Perl and Raku Conference in the Cloud 2021. Here are the slides as a PDF.


The con­fer­ence YouTube chan­nel post­ed the video of my talk (see below). I still need to get con­trol of my um“s and ah“s.

This week we con­sid­ered a view­er’s pull request, added admin­is­tra­tor login, and start­ed on adding the SQLite data­base that will store the admin­is­tra­tor’s accep­tance of assign­ments. We also shored up file upload per­mis­sions for authen­ti­cat­ed users only and added a logout link, learn­ing about some more Mojolicious helpers.

You can find the whole series here.

Today Gábor and I con­tin­ued our work on a man­age­ment appli­ca­tion for his train­ing cours­es pow­ered by Mojolicious. Big accom­plish­ment this time: we went from a sin­gle upload form for exer­cis­es going to a pre­set file all the way to a multi-​file form where every exer­cise has its own list of files for sub­mis­sion. We also had a lit­tle detour into Docker-land where we sim­pli­fied his launch com­mand into docker-compose up.

Head on over to Perl Maven if you’d like to catch up with pre­vi­ous install­ments or reg­is­ter with Zoom for the next one sched­uled on Sunday, May 30.

Gábor’s already post­ed today’s video!

It’s real­ly inter­est­ing to see our dif­fer­ent devel­op­ment styles work togeth­er. Gábor’s all about try­ing things imme­di­ate­ly and search­ing the entire web for answers, while I like to read the doc­u­men­ta­tion and work out its writ­ers’ intent.

I’m also embar­rassed that we end­ed on a cliffhang­er” with an unre­solved error, though Gábor post­ed that he man­aged to resolve it.