Favorited 10 Questions With Tony Levin by Jon D'AuriaJon D'Auria (Bass Magazine)
The innovative icon reveals which band he'd love to fill in for, his first bass, and what he'd be doing if he wasn't a musician

Tony Levin is far and away my favorite musi­cian. Even before I picked up the bass gui­tar, I kept find­ing his name in the lin­er notes of my most-​liked albums. I’ve seen him play with Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Stick Men, and with his broth­er Pete play­ing in their Levin Brothers jazz combo.

And of course, once I did start study­ing his bass (and Chapman Stick) lines, they were a rev­e­la­tion. Endlessly cre­ative, both dri­ving and being dri­ven by the song, only showy when the moment called for it, flu­id, some­times fierce, always the per­fect mix­ture of tech­nique and emotion.

I’m due to see Stick Men when they swing down to Houston in . Until then, here’s their lat­est EP:

Listened to Birthday by The Jesus and Mary ChainThe Jesus and Mary Chain from Munki
And I was born a long time ago today and everybody loves me goes away

I turn 49 today, so I asked Siri to play me some birth­day music. She imme­di­ate­ly launched into this cheer­ful 1998 tune by The Jesus and Mary Chain. I’m not complaining.

I’ve had blogs in the past, going back over twen­ty years ago. This time I’m try­ing WordPress as a blog­ging engine, since that seems to be the pop­u­lar option these days.

Speaking of the dis­tant past, you might be won­der­ing what The Phoenix Trap” is. It was the name of the rock band I was in from the late 90s to the ear­ly 2000s. I kept the domain name phoenixtrap.com long after we dis­band­ed, and fig­ure it’s as good a name as any for a blog.