Liked Fact and Value by Leonard PeikoffLeonard Peikoff (The Intellectual Activist)
I agree completely with “On Sanctioning the Sanctioners,” Peter Schwartz’s article in the last issue of [The Intellectual Activist]. That article has, however, raised questions in the mind of some readers. In particular, David Kelley, one of the persons whom the article implicitly criticizes, has written an articulate paper in reply, identifying his own philosophy on the relevant topics. [...] In my judgment, Kelley’s paper is a repudiation of the fundamental principles of Objectivism. His statements make clear to me, in purely philosophic terms and for the first time, the root cause of the many schisms that have plagued the Objectivist movement since 1968. The cause goes to the essentials of what Objectivism is.

Dr. Leonard Peikoffs essay Fact and Value’ is an impor­tant moment in the his­to­ry of the Objectivist move­ment. It clar­i­fies Ayn Rands view on the bridg­ing of the is-​ought dichoto­my,” and refutes the idea of Objectivism being an open” sys­tem.